I am who I am. Black, cys-gender, heterosexual. I work hard and I read to relax. This is how I see myself, and I really could care less how others perceive me. These are the things I don’t want to change about me. But I am willing to accept and…

This is the final episode of the 12 podcasts of Christmas Series. I will speak about the Joy of the season and the importance of preparing for Peace.

Find other ways to give of yourself, volunteering in a soup kitchen, baking and exchanging cookies

I published the final podcast of the decade yesterday.

TNFro Is Reading Podcast MP3

I discuss several things on my mind. I reflect on why I created the podcast. I hope it encourage everyone to read.

I talk about my TNFro’s writing retreat which I wanted to write and post…

My podcasting schedule changed this weekend for the better because I choose to hand with family…on my terms.

This is the most fun!! I have had almost 100 separate downloads of my podcast in the last 14 days!!!! with the release on Dec 10th the most listened to…I have…

Happiness Is listening to amazing music, preparing to see the latest Star Wars Movie, feeling blessed because I am here…

I am still adding to Black Excellence in Christmas Music.

Add suggestions to the playlist in the comments, be careful you won’t be able to resist bopping’!


Oh its about to go down! This one promises to be one of the most fun to produce! This is part 1 of the Gingerbread v Sugar Cookie discussion with myself!

We are in the holiday season and people are having cookie exchanges and swear up and down that…

Felicia Marie Baxter

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